We develop PR & Digital Marketing strategies from the planning stage, the definition of goals and strategy creation, to the implementation and measurement of results.

Press & Events
Public Relations
Digital Marketing
Creativity & Design


We manage article coverage, press conferences and open calls to media, promoting one to one meetings with journalists, organizing media breakfasts, creating and distributing press releases and special invitations, designing and managing advertising.

We create buzz in the media, from digital to graphic, radio and television, securing mentions and/or interviews about projects, products and stories that brands wish to position.
Following the production process we monitor mentions and repercussions by means of thorough media clipping.


Extensive experience in the creation, organization and production of events. We excel at engaging and involving target audiences. We work with exclusive databases, tailored to obtain the best contacts.

Through strategic alliances with top-tier vendors we are able to effectively crystallize each event, bringing our clients’ visions to life.

-Development of strategic marketing plan for events.
-Marketing and Production support.
-Video production and ambience.
-Invitation to thought leaders and specialized press.


The reputation of a brand is its greatest asset and it’s built, day in and day out, working on their Message and actions. We care that the organization’s messages are coherent and consistent, ensuring that they reach the target audience.

In order to achieve this we focus on creating strategies for:

  • Strategic planning of all communication.
  • Management and engagement with the media, identification and seizing of editorial opportunities.
  • Content development (press releases, opinion columns, one to one interviews, etc.)
  • Proposal and participation in events and exhibitions.
  • Press conference organization, events and media tours for journalists.
  • Engagement with target audience and community.
  • Clipping and media monitoring.

Our team of Public Relations specialists design and implement engagement actions with key audiences, with the aim of maximizing benefits and strategic advantages. Our extensive and segmented contact database allows us to respond effectively to each requirement.


We develop advertising strategies in digital media, generating content and fully managing social media, defining a visual identity that aligns to the aesthetic and aspirational lines of our client, as well as to their core audience. We help promote and position messages and brands in the virtual world.

How do we do it?

  • Social Media Management
  • Content creation
  • Ads Management
  • Analytics reports
  • eMail Marketing
  • Web development
  • SEO


We specialize in creating impactful strategies that generate potential clients and strengthen the company’s messages.

We develop brand identity, design and create web pages and offer photography content for clients in different platforms. We design graphic pieces and campaigns both online and offline.